Welcome to the ESAC Social Club

The ESAC Social Club (ESC) is an association that promotes the social activities of personnel working at Villafranca.

An overview of our activities can be found on The SSO Intranet.

Social Clubs at ESAC

Each Social Club has it's own website and can be accessed using the left menu of this homepage.

Websites for older clubs that have closed are still available on the Old Social Club Websites page.

Guidance for club webmasters can be found on the ESAC Social Club Websites page.

ESC Bureau

The current members of the ESC Bureau are:

 Maria Gunnarsson  President
 Christophe Arviset  Treasurer
 Veronica Orozco  Secretary
 Emmet Fletcher  SAC Chairman

The ESC Bureau web portal can be accessed here: http://escbureau.esacsocialclubs.org/

ESC Club Contacts

For matters regarding individual Social Clubs please visit the club website and contact a Club Member.

Meeting Minutes and other documents are available in the ESC Bureau Document portal.

ESAC Space Shop

The ESAC Space Shop is a non profit association run by volunteers, as part of the ESAC Social Club (ESC), to sell space-related souvenirs and gifts.

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ESC Activities

Various calendars are used within the ESC.